Zayde Wolf’s epic “Built for this Time” Video + EP Release

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“Scrawling a poetic lyric on a massive pop-rock wall of sound–hinting at Imagine Dragons and Bastille influence–the creative (whose real name is Dustin Burnett) is owning this moment, with the release of his first full-length as a ferocious WØLF.” – POP DUST

Hot off the heels of his debut album Golden Age, Dustin Burnett, better known as ZAYDE WØLF, shows no indication of slowing down. The two time Grammy Nominated producer is kicking off the year with a new EP titled, The Hidden Memoir, out on now.


“ZAYDE is simply the dark rock child of Imagine Dragons and The Black Keys…” Ones to Watch

“Built for this Time” was the first ZAYDE WØLF song ever written. The song came to life in 2015 when Burnett was working on creating a new drum sample pack for his Nashville-based drum sample company, That Sound. The pack he was creating was specifically intended for marching drum sounds. In the process, he started playing around with the sounds and came up with an instrumental that he was inspired by, so he decided to write to it. At the time, he had a friend going through some unfortunate health issues, so he pulled from his friends story and strength and applied it into his lyrics – Burnett recalls, “I kept thinking as long as they “keep the blood pumping” he’ll be okay”. With a catchy and inspiring chorus now locked in, Burnett added even more grit to the drum sounds, pushing them to punch you right in the gut. The result turned out to be one of ZAYDE’s most popular songs to date, Built For This Time. Fast forward to late 2016 and after hundreds of sync placements, Burnett wanted to re-invent his own song and create a cinematic version. This in turn sparked the idea to create a music video around the new version.

This video’s protagonist is played by Burnett’s youngest son and borrows part of its narrative from the classic Little Red Riding Hood tale – peppered in with the dark and eerie aesthetic of Netflix’s Stranger Things. The video portrays the classic story of good triumphing over evil and in the end the lead character defeats the darkness with light.

The Hidden Memoir is available now on all digital retailers (HERE). ZAYDE’s signature sound; powerful, adrenaline-rushing, alternative-pop songs that are sure to fill any room or stage. ZAYDE brings us four new original songs, including a cinematic version of the popular “Built for This Time,” (inspired by the music video), and a trailerized remix of “Heroes” by the talented Australian trailer composer, Generdyn – which already has gained over a million plays on YouTube.

2016 was quite a prolific year for ZAYDE. His single “Live Life,” which was featured on last seasons Dancing With The Stars, has been described as “a brilliantly written alternative tune with incredibly catchy vocals throughout and a very upbeat chorus that will get you singing out loud”, while 24HOURMUSIC compared Golden Age to, “the likes of Awolnation, Ubiquitious Synergy Seeker, and The Black Keys, Zayde Wolf masterfully blends together the pomp flair of arena rock with the upbeat sensibilities of dance and pop music.”

At the end of 2015, Dustin began working with the L.A.- based licensing company, Lyric House. The company sent him a custom opportunity to create a song for a movie trailer, and Burnett — unable to find someone else to sing on the track — decided to record his own vocals. The company loved the result. What had begun as a movie trailer project had expanded into something unique: a new musical project called ZAYDE WØLF, which combines Burnett’s history as a producer with his talents as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. The response was tremendous, with more than 100 movie trailers, video games, TV shows and promos, and other outlets licensing ZAYDE WØLF’S music . Placements such as the movie trailer for Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher, XBox’s FarCry Primal video game trailer, the Rio Olympics, UFC, MTV’s Teen Wolf, Showtime’s Shameless, the movie trailer for Rio, I Love You, NBC’s the Night Shift, ABC’s hit show Dancing With The Stars, to name a few.

  1. Built for This Time (Music Video)
  2. Rise Up
  3. Home
  4. Heroes (Generdyn Remix)




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