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“Alluxe, you are a badass, and you certainly have our attention.” – Hypebae

World renowned performer, producer and technologist Alluxe’s newest offering “Fervor” is available worldwide on all major digital platforms. The definition of FERVOR is an intense or passionate energy. The track features driving beats, experimental distortion, lush strings and dreamy vocals – taking the listener through a series emotions and sonic experiences.

“Since most of my music is based on energy and emotions rather than lyrics, I wanted to choose a title that represented where I was at in my life right now,” says Alluxe.  “Throughout this Equinox I have been tuning into the dualistic energies that exist in all of us. Carl Gustav Jung coined the terms ‘Anima’ and ‘Animus’ which refer to the male energies present within the female, and female energies present within the male. Through the process of creating new music, I have been tapping into this theory, discovering  feminine and masculine parts of myself. I have been very in tune with how my energy compliments others and how we can collectively come together to heal, and fill those parts of ourselves that can take more time on our own. It is through these explorations that ‘FERVOR’ was born.”

Alluxe (Laura Escudé) got her start in music as a classically trained violinist. She got her start in the electronic music space through the rave scene, and began working at M Audio, then Ableton, where astuteness and work ethic drive for perfection, catapulted her as the lead expert on the software platform, and she became the very first certified Ableton trainer.

Being the first Ableton expert, not only can she take credit for programming and designing the live shows of some of the biggest multi-platinum selling artists, producers and best techs in the business,  but she has also paved the way for other women in electronic music and the live music technology space. To further help to break down these barriers and get more women musicians involved in electronic music, production and technology, Escudé is a frequent guest lecturer and speaker at colleges, Universities and events. She has her given master classes and lectures for Beatz by Girlz (VIDEO), Girl School (VIDEO), The Point Blank Music School (VIDEO), The Icon Collective, and USC’s Pop Forum and the Lower East Side Girls Club to name a few.

Her expertise in this field has lead to her being one of the most sought after controllerists in the world of live music. Escudé has worked on tours for The Weeknd,  Bon Iver, Garbage, Iggy Azalea, Herbie Hancock, Porter Robinson, Childish Gambino, the Silversun Pickups, Charli XCX, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs,  Drake, and every Kanye West tour since 2009.

Due to the demand of her work she started a company, Electronic Creatives that staffs a group of professional controllerists all trained by Escudé.  Escudé holds the title of CEO of Electronic Creatives. In addition to her work as a controllerist, her prowess as a performer had lead to performances with artists who include Charli XCX, Garbage, Kiesza, and on Miguel’s Wildheart tour Escudé did triple duty, she was the opening act, performed as a member of Miguel’s band and handled the programming/controller duties. Her creative vision as a producer and musician  has lead to being commissioned for remixes by artists such as M83, Polica and Mr. Hudson. Her violin playing can be heard on “Watch the Throne,” on Hit-Boy’s mixtape, Big Grams, Kanye’s Dark Fantasy Tour—the list goes on.

This year Escudé made a major career and life pivot,  stepping out from behind the curtain of the superstars she has help to make, and is focusing more of her time and energies on her own work. Her latest EP Contrast was released in October, followed by a European tour. In support of the “Fervor” release,  Alluxe is doing select East Coast shows and speaking engagements, and we be seeing and hearing much more from Alluxe in 2017.  

“Alluxe can stand on her own in creating music and be a force to be reckoned with.”  
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3/26 @ Brooklyn Home for Music (Ableton User Group)  INFO
3/27 @ Rockwood Music Hall Performance ockwood INFO
3/30 @ Berklee School of Music


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