Among Savages Releases Accounts of Friend and Foe

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“The album itself is an eclectic mix of cinematic instrumentals wrapped in pop hooks, driven rhythms and smooth vocals make this record a must listen for summer 2017. Is it still summer? What day is it? Give the album a spin and see for yourself.” Culture Collide

Los Angeles’ Among Savages is excited to announce the release of the new album Accounts of Friend and Foe available worldwide. Among Savages is a living, evolving musical project about one man, Los Angeles musician Peter Barbee’s coming to terms with the trials and treasures of fading youth. With a raw vulnerability Barbee creates a grandiose musical backdrop for his simple and candid style of storytelling. An eclectic mix of literary and musical influences infuse his music with surprising and unorthodox orchestrations and bring a classic nostalgia to otherwise innovative arrangements. Reading much like the chapters of a novel, Barbee’s music invites us into a very personal yet universal struggle with evolution, identity, and self actualization.

“The new album finds Barbee looking within to address the anxieties, fears, and questions that come with this whole business of growing up and actualizing yourself” – Buzzbands LA

“Perspectives & reflections on the matter moves in mystic & subtle sensations that deals with a kind of gravity that cannot be stopped, cured & will be familiar to all living beings.”  Impose Magazine

Tracks like “Getting Older Quicker” are a literal interpretation of the fear and the dark realities of aging and acknowledging our own mortality. Not all of the track occupy this type of heavy subject matter. The haunting and seductive “No Such Thing” was written to act as a musical backdrop for a dark club full of gin martinis.  “The Art of Living,” the closest thing to a lullaby Barbee has ever written,  was inspired by Joseph Campbell’s book of the same title, is about having a mindset in which you view your life here on earth, asa cycle.  The lyric All the colors in my head, from black to blue to green to red” is a reference to the “complimentary colors”  that are said to have the strongest contrast against one another, but when combined produce black.  This is the finale. The curtain falling on all of the elements and ideas on the album. The end of one cycle.

“Among Savages’ ‘If You See Her’ just might be your next summer jam. The slick alt-pop song, made great by smooth vocals and a danceable beat, is sexy in itself, but its new music video brings the vibe to new levels.”


“I wrote this album while wandering,” says Barbee. “Scribbled lyrics on scraps of paper in Central America, tracked piano in a former Stasi listening center in Berlin, made percussion loops with a friend’s silverware in their Norwegian kitchen, stole sound bites from New York City subways and rooftops, and wrote string melodies house sitting in the heart of Los Angeles’ Skid Row. Accounts of Friend and Foe, understandably, carries and captures a very transient mood. Some songs fit together like chapters, while others have a swagger that could only come from a poor musician drunk on martinis he can’t afford.”

Among Savages will be playing these songs live headlining School Night at Bardot in Los Angeles August 21st. Details and RSVP information can be found HERE.

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