Ben Jelen

Ben Jelen

Singer songwriter and humanitarian, Ben Jelen has launched a foundation to educate and create awareness of environmental issues at large, “I am incapable of ignoring what’s going on around me,” says Jelen. “World events often affect me as much as personal ones.” The Ben Jelen Foundation was started out of a personal need to protect the environment. The mission is to educate and spread awareness of environmental issues, especially global warming and bio diversity. Ben plans on using the foundation to raise money and gain awareness to causes that affect the world.

“The effects of large scale climate change are unpredictable,” says Ben. “What is becoming clear is that those in less developed countries will be more susceptible to the effects of climate change – storms, droughts, floods and crop – loss.” The Foundation strives to help under developed communities get the resources they need to survive, whether it be monetary or educational, domestic or international.

The Ben Jelen Foundation would also like to help invest in clean energy sources. It will begin by off-setting its own carbon emissions with a company that invests in renewables. Together with other groups and individuals, The Foundation will hold government and large corporations accountable in following environmental law. Recently, Altoids has agreed to a financial donation and Replay Jeans will be giving 10% of the proceeds from their SOHO store from April 15th – Earth Day April 22nd to the Ben Jelen Foundation. Ben Jelen has realized his goal of having music move and affect people both physically and emotionally. The Ben Jelen Foundation hopes to pave the way for his goal to be fulfilled on an even bigger scale. For further information and to make a donation:

is the new album from Ben Jelen on Custard Records. Produced by Linda Perry, the album is all about love – for planet Earth and everyone on it. In recent years, Ben found time to work with The Natural Resources Defense Counsel, tour extensively for Rock The Vote and Live For Darfur, donate charity tracks to, Amnesty International, and Tori Amos’ RAINN, march against global warming, protest the war and work with the United Nations.

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