Elle Belle Releases Debut Album WAKO GUMBO

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“On ‘Wako Gumbo,’ Pappas empties his creative cupboard over a heart-rending, jaw-dropping, unfailingly catchy 20 tracks that span 68 minutes with scarcely a moment of filler.” – Buzzbands

Finally, after much anticipation, Los Angeles artist Elle Belle, the creation of Christopher Pappas, is thrilled to release his 20 song debut, WAKO GUMBO, out now on Little Record Company.

For the past year, Pappas has released only a few tracks on WAKO GUMBO, giving us just a sliver of what we can expect from the 20 track packed project. What has been unleashed on us so far has gotten nothing but praise within the interwebs. Paste Magazine says “Fans of Temples, Allah Las and King Tuff will appreciate Elle Belle’s blend of psych and garage rock.” while Impose Mag describes the latest single release Knock on the Light as “waves of sound interlock together, and even the vocals are comprised of layers and layers of voices. Every different layer of sound comes together and becomes a single cosmic groove.”

WAKO GUMBO is about dealing with the disconnectedness you feel from everything.“You drink and party to fill some sort of void, one that you have no explanation for.” Pappas explains, “You live a privileged life, filled with exciting technologies, and things your parents only dreamed of, but it feels empty, always climbing the mountain but never getting closer to a summit. Getting older and not really understanding what comes next so you just go get drunk and dance it off for a bit.”

“The work of Los Angeles multi-instrumentalist Christopher Pappas (AKA Elle Belle) mixes the heartland earnestness of The War on Drugs with the bright synth rhythms of M83. The resulting mashup of aesthetics and production would seem to produce a sound that struggles against its own tendencies, but Pappas corrals these various bits of sound into a cohesive whole. It’s fascinating to hear and difficult to accurately describe.” – Nooga

Pappas, created Elle Belle on the heels of a creative and personal breakdown. Feeling worn out and frustrated while recording his former band’s sophomore album, Pappas created this alter-ego as a way of approaching the recording process with a fresh perspective.

“a synth soaked marriage between David Bowie and The War On Drugs.” – Grimy Goods

Elle Belle is the fearless artist who creates with raw authenticity and does not care about opinions or meaning – he creates to create. Most artists create with this duality in themselves constantly, but he cannot, and finds that the two cannot co-exist and that when forced to choose: he chooses Elle. ”This whole process,” says Pappas, “has been a study in taking something as far as one can take it – and to follow your gut 100% – so it would only stand to reason that everything about it would be ambitious. It’s also a statement that I give fuck all about what current tradition dictates or what the climate of the music industry is. I think following that instinct is what will give this record the best shot of being timeless; truly capturing and preserving a moment where 10/20/30 years from now people can listen and connect with it just as much as they could today.”

Elle Belle will be celebrating the release of Wako Gumbo with music, a cinematic experience and other earthly delights tonight at Semi-Tropic in Los Angeles. Event Details HERE

Elle Belle’s WAKO GUMBO Experience
10PM @ Semi-Tropic
1412 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, California

Baptistina I
You Better Mean It
Sweet Crimes
NewWave Beats
Knock On The Light
Stranger of the Times
Rain In London (feat. Lucius)
Tip the Tollman
I’ve Been Listening to Voices
Destruction Wins
Last Day
I Drowned in Fantasy
San Francisco’s (Gonna Take My Baby!)
Stay of Execution
John Lennon Makes No Sense
Straight as an Arrow
Failed Dreamz
Full of Polaroids
Tomorrow Comes Anyway
Only All is Ever On



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