Hailey Reese

Hailey Reese

At the age of 2 when most children are reaching for their bottle, Hailey Reese, was reaching for a microphone! Performing in-front of crowds at a local karaoke restaurant at just 2 1/2 years old, the young, shining star was soon offered her own “Saturday night spot” that kept the crowds coming!

Growing up in a musical family, Hailey quickly learned to appreciate many forms and styles of music. Attending concerts for the Back Street Boys and Spice Girls, Hailey knew, watching them perform, that she too would one day be sharing her gift of music on the world stage.

Placing among the top, in singing competitions from age 5, the gorgeous, blond-haired, green-eyed, Hailey Reese was becoming a household name around town.
Hailey’s passion and love for music continued to grow and she began writing her own music. Her first song, “If we could love like we love money”, was a song written to inspire and heal the world from its greed and selfishness. A song so well written for a 10 year old, it touched the hearts of a local studio and they offered Hailey the opportunity to record.

Her biggest crowd was about to come and with an audience of over 350, Hailey became the youngest artist ever to perform at “Move to Define”, at City Hall in Kitchener, ON. With the crowd getting up to dance, it was an incredible performance! The beautiful and ever-so-talented Pop star with a unique blend of country flare, was greeted after the show from cheering fans wanting her autograph and copies of the song.

One of the most successful shows to come would be a tribute show to “Hannah Montana”, featuring our star Hailey, center stage. Complete with back-up dancers, lights and props the show was sold out in no time!

The success of the show soon created interest from labels! The little girl who had always known her dream, who’d been wowing crowds since the age of 2, knew that when it finally came time to step onto that world stage, it would be with her own music.

Writing and perfecting her gift, the incredibly talented Hailey Reese, decided to take her new written material and choreography, to the stage. Opening for Artists such as Aleesa, performing in shows with Season 3′s “Next Star” ‘Diego’ and coordinating a Taylor Swift/Katy Perry Tribute show for charity, Hailey was getting ready to live her dream. A strong advocate against bullying, Hailey addresses these serious issues and encourages fans to “always believe in yourself” and never let those negative comments determine your self worth. As Hailey would say, “You’re better than that!”

Soaring with over 30,000 Twitter followers, Hailey’s music and messages are now being received from an ever growing, international audience. With new music and a hot new music video ready to launch, it’s 2013 and the beautiful, multi-talented Singer, Song-writer, Model and Actress; 17 year old Hailey Reese, is now ready to step onto that world stage.. and live her dream!

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