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Hello Industry

Singer/songwriter Nathan Peterson was born in Chicago in 1980. Learning guitar from his blues guitarist father and traveling to art fairs with his author mother planted the seeds of music and writing in Nathan early on. At the age of 14 he started an IT company, writing music on the side. At 19 he met his future wife Heather, an accomplished classical pianist, and along with bass player James Ross they started Hello Industry, playing at conferences and churches for the next 12 years.

At 23 friend Jason Zito, FOH engineer and production manager for One Republic, turned Nathan on to mix engineering and finally his worlds of IT and music aligned. At 26 Nathan wrote, produced, and engineered his first independent album, Fooled, along with his bandmates who now included electric guitarist Brett Ellen. By 2013 Hello Industry had released another 3 independent albums, had added drummer Bobby Sherman to the mix, and were playing for crowds in the thousands around the midwest. In 2014 Nathan shifted from conference and church playing to exclusively pursue his original music with Hello Industry.

Hello Industry pushes stylistic limits, combining rock, electronic, and classical genres; for Nathan, it all stems from the song. Nathan Peterson is one of this generation’s most earnest and sincere songwriters, which is obvious a few lines into any of his songs. In his words, he strives to “inject life and humanity back into industrialized culture – where pain and confusion is shared, not hidden; where the beauty of imperfection and inefficiency is celebrated, not avoided”.

In 2014 Hello Industry began releasing videos on their YouTube Channel to depict the meaning their songs. Days after the filming of “The Innocent Will Die”, Nathan and Heather received news that their fourth child, due at the end of the year, had a fatal disease. They were told if she was born she would not live through her first week and would be severely disabled, unable to breathe or eat. Eight months later Olivia is still alive – eating, breathing, and smiling. The experience is transforming Nathan and Heather’s perception of life and living and has greatly impacted Nathan’s writing, which has given way to songs such as “So Am I”, “Olivia”, and “Inch of Water”.

Nathan and Heather are currently giving their best energies to caring for Olivia and their family while Nathan continues to write and perform.

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