Hydrah Releases “Siren” EP

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Listen to Siren HERE

“Her latest track “Ominous” is an atmospheric piece that explores the intersection between heavy electronic elements and soft piano and strings.” – Dancing Astronaut

Los Angeles’ Katie Kramarczuk who performs and records as Hydrah is a classically trained musician who by twelve was performing compositions by Chopin and Sibelius, at thirteen began playing cello, played in the orchestra all throughout high school, all while refining and building her vocal performance and showmanship with solos in choirs, and roles in musicals. Her vast curiosity and love for music found experiencing a wide array of diverse avenues, from playing with an Indonesian Gamelan orchestra, to fronting and touring with a punk band. All of these experiences came into a clear and focused singular path when Hydrah discovered Ableton Live and began to experiment with incorporating her classical roots, creating synergy between strings, piano and Serum and Sylenth produced bass lines. She recorded organic instruments, live violin, piano, cello and vocals with a condenser microphone, laying it atop heavy techno inspired beats and melodies she produced with Ableton, Native Instruments and Serum.

“This track perfectly embodies its title through gorgeous classical instrumentation and topped by haunting, angelic vocals……A mood-boosting bass-line accentuated by a tinkling piano opens the track before a string section draws you into the beautiful chaos this track is named for. Here’s hoping classical house is going to become more and more of a thing.” – The Nest HQ

As a biology major in college Kramarczuk spent a lot of time traveling the world working with endangered species, and in turn ended up falling in love with the sounds she heard on her travels. When she made the transition to work full time on music she wanted to carry her environmental activism into her work. For the Siren EP Kramarczuk intricately entwined the earthly sounds she fell in love with on her travels, into the tracks that make up Siren. Aural treats and subtleties include oceanic samples from the Striped Eel and Atlantic Dolphin on “Save You,”  samples collected using a hydrophone from coral reefs in the Philippines, one healthy and the other critically endangered on “Siren,” and “Affair” consists of distant calls of the Bornean rainforest; cicadas, Gibbons and endemic birds, all treated with reverb and delay to reflect how the sounds react in their natural environment. “From a very young age I have had a deep appreciation and respect for the planet,” says Kramarczuk. “I have always felt a profound sense of responsibility to protect and cherish what I love. Music has always been my greatest passion, and I decided there must be a way to find synergy between my two great loves. My intention for including these samples from the oldest orchestra in existence (the natural world), on this EP, is to heighten people’s consciousness to the sonic beauty that exists on this planet, and that it is equally as precious as the visible beauty.”

By penetrating the listener’s psyche with sounds collected from the Earth, Hydrah is looking to create a deeper connection between the listener and the planet. She hopes on a micro level that this form of subliminal activism raises their awareness, and on a grander scale, inspires them into action.

Hydrah will be bringing these sonic creations to life tonight, performing them live at Red Gate Recorders in the Highland Park neighborhood in Los Angeles. Details below.


Red Gate Recorders

4440 York Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90041


Bio, Photos etc. : http://smarturl.it/HydrahPR  





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