Hydrah has chosen not to follow any one path, she has chosen to blaze her own. With beats inspired by techno and house, melodic complex synths, soulful vocals and classical influence, her music is truly innovative. Not only does she imagine performing in dimly lit underground venues in cities such as Berlin, but she envisions performances in concert halls backed by full orchestras. She aims to bring her listeners on a true sound journey, not only melding the genres of classical and electronica but adding brief sonic elements from the forests of Borneo or the reefs of the Philippines.

Hydrah first touched the brilliant white keys of a piano at just seven years old and was immediately hooked. By the age of twelve she was performing compositions by Chopin and Sibelius and studying at MacPhail Center for the Arts in Minneapolis. The romantic melodies and challenging scores consumed her. Soon after, she began playing the cello at age thirteen and remained in an orchestra throughout her time in highschool. Her powerful, soulful voice continually got her solos in choir as well as roles in musicals, where she fell in love with the energy contained in a crowd.

She attended college in Washington State and graduated with a degree in Biology. She never left music behind, and was involved in several different musical groups, including everything from a nineties cover band, to an Indonesian Gamelan orchestra. She even tested the realm of punk rock, touring the West Coast as a front woman . She attributes her stage energy and ability to interact with the crowd to her time touring and playing in punk cubs..

During college and after graduating, she spent time working in the field as a conservation biologist on the beaches of Western Samoa and jungles of Costa Rica. One of her most vibrant memories was collecting the eggs of an endangered Leatherback sea turtle, “I was overcome with emotion and passion as I felt and heard the struggle of this prehistoric animal that had made such a long journey to continue its legacy.” She also spent time working in an animal rehabilitation center caring for jungle cats, 3-toed sloths, spider monkeys to name a few.

She lived in the islands of the South Pacific on and off for five years, some of that time was spent measuring the biodiversity of the coral reefs. “The most peaceful experience of my life was being suspended in electric blue waters, watching tiny brilliantly colored fish school and dance around me, there is no place as and magical and musical to me than beneath the ocean surface.”

Shortly after her career as a punk rock songstress came to an end, Hydrah discovered the same high energy in the genre of electronica. She took to Ableton Live, attended Slam Academy in Minneapolis, bought a Korg MS2000 and began to learn the software and the basics of modular synthesizers. After years of training herself in Ableton Live, she decided to return to her Classical roots and was taken with the dynamic interaction between strings, piano and Serum and Sylenth produced basslines. In her home studio she recorded violin, piano, cello and vocals with a condenser microphone and laid this organic sound atop heavy techno inspired beats and melodies produced with Ableton, Native Instruments and Serum. This organic and electronic interaction has led to her latest innovative cinematic sound.

Although Hydrah has been classically trained, the most beautiful melodies she has ever heard have been in nature. The dramatic calling of Macaws set against cicadas beginning to sing as the sun dissolves in a magenta sky. The sound of falling snowflakes lightly tapping giant coniferous trees on the side of a snow suffocated mountain. Parrot fish feasting on brilliant heads of coral as small blue chromis fish blanket you in a cape of electric light. Perhaps the most unique aspect of her music is that these sounds play a major role in her upcoming EP Siren.. They set the mood and the emotion.

“Save You” features oceanic samples from the striped eel and Atlantic dolphin and is a direct reflection of Hydrah’s desire to aid the conservation of our oceans. “Siren” features samples collected using a hydrophone from coral reefs, one healthy the other critically endangered. The two samples battle each other beneath the melodic strings and euphoric vocals. The healthy reef sample fades out the track, which is a direct reflection of Hydrah’s hope for the future of these endangered environments. “Affair” features sounds recorded from the jungles of Borneo using a Rhode microphone and a Marantz recorder. This was Hydrah’s most recent conservation experience which involved waking at 4am to hike to certain points within the high forest and collect calls of endangered Gibbons, which are a species of lesser primate. The Gibbons call happened to be in the key of A major, Hydrah often composes in this key and so the calls fit all too perfectly.

Hydrah is already planning a collaboration with an electronic orchestra based out of Los Angeles. She plans to transpose her tracks and perform with live instruments whenever the opportunity arises. Once touring, she will collaborate with such organizations as Surfrider and Oceania to raise awareness and provide aid for these endangered environments and the people that devote their lives to protecting them.

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