Described by the Huffington Post as “if Alice took Ziggy Stardust’s hand and followed him down the rabbit hole to a world guided by the twists and turns of ethereal and colorful vocals”, IAMEVE is the creation of singer/songwriter/storyteller Tiff Randol.

As a child, Randol spent as much time as possible in the woodsletting her imagination take the lead. Her outdoor imaginative adventures found her talking to fairies and other interesting creatures…that would eventually be a part of the mystical world she would develop for her alter ego IAMEVE. Randol grew up in New York in a deeply religious household where both parents were ministers. Despite this, Randol never connected to organized religion. What did resonate with her and what she has committed her art to is the age of the heroine.

Randol felt a strong connection to powerful women and the need to empower more women, so hence the creation of the ethereal character of IAMEVE.

The character of IAMEVE, Randol’s musical alter ego, was victim of a life altering accident that left her with a bionic elbow and the fear of not playing instruments again. Rather than give up, future-retro chanteuse IAMEVE underwent painful rehabilitation and found a new way to create, switching from guitar and piano to electronic instrumentation.

IAMEVE is a sci-fi inspired musical vessel designed to transport people to another world exploring the power of rebirth through death. Clearly focused on spiritual growth through metaphysical means, this tale explores the challenges that many of us face as we struggle to find our own unique voice.

IAMEVE’s work has been featured in over 100 films and TV shows, as an up and coming songwriter by the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Most recently IAMEVE leant her songwriting and vocal talents to the film Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, the second book and second film in the Percy Jackson series. She created the theme song, “To Feel Alive” for the character of Thalia, the daughter of Zeus who was nearly killed by a cyclops in Sea of Monsters.

IAMEVE will be releasing two alternative versions of “To Feel Alive,” an acoustic version and remix of the song together as a digital 7-inch.

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