Uncategorized, that’s San Francisco-based Materialized. The future-forward instrumental unit is built around the flexible core of keyboard maestro Mighty Dave Pellicciaro and Shiva-limbed percussionist Dale Fanning, and regular contributor , bassist Carlitos Del Puerto who expand and contract the lineup organically to suit their needs, which are always grounded in a heady mixture of top-flight improvising and considered, technology savvy sound design. Any attempt to pigeonhole Materialized as an electronica band, a jam band, a jazz band, etc. doesn’t work; this band has giant antennae scanning the airwaves for exciting new ways to shake up the musical banquet of the 21st century.

“Music serves a role in the human psyche, and society is nothing but a collection of psyches ambling about interacting with each other. Ergo, music has a role in society in any given moment. There’s dance music and there’s music you can dance to, or music you clean the house to, music for a candlelight dinner. It’s not the genre-defining way of looking at music. It’s the ambient way that music affects you,” Says Pellicciaro.

“This band’s constitution is flexible and open to amendments,” says Fanning. “There’s always room for it to change but there’s also a framework.”

After gestating in the Bay Area live scene, including hosting and currating the annual Cosmic Love the band is stepping out in 2012 with a series of EP releases where they will unleash their dance-ready, human touched sound for folks ready to wriggle out of their constrictions. The first EPs in the series, “Magneto Delicti” and “Space Junk,” landed November 20, 2012. It’s nothing but fun, as Pellicciaro explains: “Not sugary sweet fun, fun that says life is short, brilliant and deep, let’s kick ass while we’re here! It’s fun rolled into music you can take part in, and listen to, over and over.” Nothing dark about this matter. There’s something of Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters to this new music but stewed with ‘70s Congolese soukous and late period John Coltrane as well as electronica greats like Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada, and always with the blood and bone inside the instruments they wield flowing in a rush, the men inside the technology very much alive and apparent within the beat stream.

“The reason we make music is to connect, This is fundamentally who we are. Materialized wants to make music with you. We are in this together,” Pellicciaro says. Like the universe, “We will expand and evolve together. So we’ll play the music night after night, working that energy back and forth, unfolding, unpacking ‘Space Junk’ and rebuilding it into ways we’ve yet to discover…into the next generation.” “Space Junk” is Materialized’s launchpad.

“We have a diverse background with a lot of overlap with each other. I have a long history of sound design that goes back to the original meaning of electronic music – guys in the 1890s with semi fore flags playing industrial parks, Pierre Schaeffer, musique concrete, tape loops, all that cool stuff from when electronic music was a lot more difficult to make. It’s really about a love of the idea that sound is an abstraction that needs to fit into a musical spectrum to do its job. It doesn’t need to be a bass player pulling strings or a drummer using a stick. It can be any sound doing any role.”

“We want to add to music’s current conversation,” says Fanning. “We study from older roots but with a modern mindset. There are certain things about electronic music that are just awesome, especially when you want to get a bunch of heads bouncing up and down and make people sweat. The sonic impact of those timbres is just so much higher, and the overall palette is so wide. However, people have gotten used to perfect beats and perfect sounds, and that’s where it gets boring. We mix it up with improvisation and the interaction we have onstage, which makes music come alive right in front of you while simultaneously seeking that sonic impact that moves booties.”

“I’m completely in the process of making music. So, when we put something out there it’s exactly what we want it to be. The sounds are handcrafted, and everything we do has a lot of manna in it and a lot of personal sincerity. It’s a rock ‘n’ roll band in that way. We come out to hand it over to the people,” says Pellicciaro. “It’s magic the way music works on the human brain. It goes into minds all over the world and makes them feel.” Fanning says it’s all about striking a balance between inner and outer elements. “That’s what music is about,” he says. “Heck, that’s what life’s about.”

With “Space Junk,” Materialized invites listeners to strap on their helmets and blast off into a cosmic soundscape unlike any other.

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