Nashville’s ZAYDE WØLF releases his full length debut Golden Age

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“Channeling the bombastic vibes of the likes of Awolnation, Ubiquitious Synergy Seeker, and The Black Keys, Zayde Wolf masterfully blends together the pomp flair of arena rock with the upbeat sensibilities of dance and pop music.” – 24OUR Music

After much anticipation, Nashville’s ZAYDE WØLF, the new project from Billboard #1 Charting Songwriter and Producer and two time Grammy Nominated producer Dustin Burnett, is thrilled to be releasing his first full length album Golden Age, out now on all digital services.

Golden Age is packed full of 13 enormous, adrenaline-rushing songs that are sure to fill any room. Fueled by aggressive guitars, gang vocals, sweeping soundscapes, stomping percussion, and pop hooks, the album is a natural extension of Burnett’s career thus far. From the anthemic “Live Life” to the swaggering, hand-clapped “King,” the album mixes melody with muscle, groove with guitar, old habits with new beginnings.

Burnett has been gearing up for the release, unveiling not only a string of new singles, but a previous EP titled ‘Rare Breed’, giving fans a taste of what one can expect to hear on Golden Age. ‘Live Life’, which was featured on this seasons premiere of Dancing With The Stars, has been described as “a brilliantly written alternative tune with incredibly catchy vocals throughout and a very upbeat chorus that will get you singing out loud.”, while Highlight Magazine calls his latest single ‘Born Ready’ “a explosive motivational anthem filled with powerful vocals and a strong call to action.”

“Fans of Bastille and Kaleo, take notice: Nashville artist ZAYDE WØLF released a hugely cinematic single “Born Ready” that is primed to hit you right in the gut. The track roars to life with stomping percussion, an adrenaline-packed chorus, and a take-no-prisoners swagger.”
– No Country For New Nashville

Burnett started his music career as the front man of The October, a band inspired by the Cure and Echo & the Bunnymen. After years on the road Burnett reached his burn out point, moved to Nashville from Kentucky and put a pause on his performing career to focus on writing and producing. Burnett found success working behind the scenes as a writer, producer and mixer working with artists such as Tyrone Wells, Us the Duo, Augustana, Dave Barnes and more. He is also the co-founder of That Sound, a boutique drum sampling company that has become the go-to for songwriters, producers and mixers looking for unique drums sounds and samples.

Coincidentally, it was Burnett’s work as a producer that eventually brought him back to an artist career. At the end of 2015, he began working with the L.A.- based licensing company, Lyric House. The company sent him a custom opportunity to create a song for a movie trailer, and Burnett — unable to find someone else to sing on the track — decided to record his own vocals. The company loved the result. What had begun as a movie trailer project had expanded into something unique: a new musical project called ZAYDE WØLF, which combined Burnett’s history as a producer with his talents as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. The response was tremendous, with more than 60 movie trailers, video games, TV networks, and other outlets licensing ZAYDE WØLF’S music. Organizations from the Cleveland Cavaliers who are using “New Blood” as the soundtrack to their 2016 championship highlight real, the Rio Olympics, the NFL and ABC’s hit show Dancing With The Stars — whose one-time contestant, Vanilla Ice, found himself dancing to Wolf’s dark cover of “Save Tonight” during the show – have all used music from ZAYDE WØLF. Look for more to come from Zayde throughout the rest of the year.
Golden Age Tracklist:
1. Goden Age
2. Hustler
3. Live Life
4. Army
5. Be Free
6. Walk Through THe Fire (feat. Ruelle)
7. Born Ready
8. Champion (feat. Sincerely Collins)
9. New Blood
10. Top of the World
11. Built for this Time
12. Running All Night
13. King

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