What does Starhook want from you? For you to have a good time! That’s the goal of the eight catchy fun filled tracks on the debut self-titled EP due out on March 11th.

Starhook is Brad Hooks (Keytar, Vocals) and Anthony Starble (Keys, Vocals). Both Anthony and Brad wear the hats of writers, producers and musicians on the Starhook project which is 100% collaborative. Anthony, who was trained as a classical pianist brings in influences from classical composers such as Chopin and Debussy, while Brad’s influences draw from artists such as Spoon, Radiohead and New Order. Both Brad and Anthony are heavily influenced by, and pay homage to fellow piano men with flare, Elton John, BillyJoel and Ben Folds on this record. 

Starhook will be making their National debut on the ABC Family hit series “The Fosters” on March 11th. The band will be performing their single “Weirdo,” along with “Shut Up,” “Hands Up”, “N.Y.NeonLight” and “Fly.” 

“Taping the Fosters was obviously very exciting for us!” says Anthony, “the opportunity to be on camera on a hit television show to launch our debut record is a dream come true. We were beaming the whole time!” “Performing and hanging out with the cast and crew was an absolute dream,” says Brad, “but then playing the same 15 seconds of a song for 2 15-hour days in a row is also crazy. I give major props to TV actors. That shit is hard.” 

All the songs on the Starhook EP draw from real life experiences. Starhook’s single “Weirdo” was written for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider. The band drew on their own nerdy tendencies from childhood and adult life that range from Pogs and Mario Brothers to Game of Thrones. The song has a very positive undercurrent of encouragement. Life has a way of turning itself around and people’s eccentricities end up being strong qualities later in life, just ask famous nerds like Stephen King, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg if they ever felt like a “Weirdo.” 

The song Freeway, which features The Fosters’ David Lambert, was inspired by none other than Los Angeles traffic, and it’s core is about finding your own way and not letting what other people think about you hold you back. “It was a pleasant surprise when we didn’t have to twist David’s arm to sing on one of our tracks. He loved the music and we were super happy to have his vocal in there,” says Anthony. 

Additional songs on the EP, including SEXXX, Shut Up, N.Y Neon Light, Hands up and Fly, all fit into the overlying theme with Starhook’s music, empowerment and most importantly FUN! All the songs encourage positivity through their lyrics and melodies. The songs inspire listeners to get up and dance and what is more feel good and positive than getting your groove on?

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