Taxi Doll

Taxi Doll

Yes, it’s true about who you know in Hollywood but sometimes it’s merely fate working her mysterious magic. That’s exactly what happened when five worlds collided and became Taxi Doll.  Gregg “G-Dub” Allen (production/keyboards) and multi-lingual globetrotting vocalist Dhana (pronounced “Donna”) met through a mutual friend, artist/producer Joy (D:fuse, Perfecto).  Dhana met Jason Graham (drums) at one of his performances while touring with the Supreme Beings of Leisure.  Matt Emmer (guitar) and Brian Hendrix (bass) had crossed each other’s paths previously while touring with national acts and doing session work, although they were recruited separately.  Circuitous, yes – but the results are nothing less than sublime with the band and music fusing fast to create Taxi Doll’s signature “Rocktronica” sound.

“We’ve been so lucky to have all come together so quickly.  I know it can take a long time for a band to really gel, but we all love the same music and shared a common vision and that was obvious from the start,” explains Gregg.  “We all had the idea that we wanted to play edgy pop/rock music that people can dance to and we just fell together behind that idea.”

After writing extensively together, Gregg and Dhana posted a track called “Look at What You Get” online ( that became an instant hit with fans.  Thrilled with their growing popularity, Gregg and Dhana felt it was time to take it to the people live and in person.  That’s where fate, that most elusive and mysterious of Hollywood insiders, showed up and brought the five-piece together.  Soon thereafter, major labels came calling and Universal got behind Taxi Doll and their single “Waiting,” which climbed all the way to #3 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay Charts and #1 in Music Week (Europe).  The new single “Be With You” recently reached the top 10 on the Billboard Dance Club chart and #5 in the UK pop charts.

Their debut full-length, Here and Now, proves that Taxi Doll isn’t just a one-track dance band. Drawing inspiration from bands like Goldfrapp, Depeche Mode, Republica and, of course, Garbage, the album is a cohesive collection of songs that feature Dhana’s crystalline vocals layered over crisp guitar licks, sweeping production and catchy melodies.  You might have heard a few of them in TV shows like The Hills, Laguna Beach and Veronica Mars and in films like John Tucker Must Die and Firewall.  Be sure to keep an eye out for their new video for “Give You More” produced by Emmy-winning motion and graphic design house, MFactor, which will be released this December.  And be sure to keep your rump shaking like a Taxi Doll.



A Little More Love (MP3)

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