TeamMate Release “Nothing’s Ever Over”

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 TeamMate celebrate redefining their version of togetherness with
“Nothing’s Ever Over”
Out Now via Rostrum Records
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“ the duo chose to channel their caring for one another into the sparkly synth-pop that defines the TeamMate sound….. “Nothing’s Ever Over”  demonstrates a lot of promise from the newcomers.” – Pure Volume

Los Angeles duo TeamMate are celebrating the journey of their multi-faceted musical and personal relationship with the release of the eighties tinged, heartfelt and dance inducing “Nothing’s Ever Over” out now via Rostrum Records.

Scott Simons (keys, synths, vocals) and Dani Buncher (vocals, drums), who make up the indie pop duo TeamMate, know their story doesn’t fit an easy description.

Simons and Buncher were romantically involved for close to a decade. The now LA based duo met while Buncher was attending West Virginia University, and Simons fronting a band in the same town. After college the two moved to separate towns, they kept in touch exchanging music ideas and notes while writing and playing with respective former bands.  The two slowly became confidants and the only people that they could trust to be brutally honest with each other. Collaboration was inevitable.

Buncher’s coming out ended the years of calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend, and unlike most couples who repel or drift apart after a break up, the duo’s love and chemistry went down a new path and was channeled into their unspeakable musical connection. Having this creative outlet with each other carried the two through the rough patches and made things work even when everything felt in wild disarray. It acted as their therapy.

TeamMate have mastered the art of writing captivating pop gems with colossal depth. “Nothing’s Ever Over” is filled with chiming synths and pulsing drums that give way to a shout-along chorus, but there’s a definitive, sincere message bubbling beneath. “We’ve always written from our personal experience from being a couple to going through a rough break up to our proudest accomplishment, maintaining a close friendship and starting TeamMate” says Simons. “‘Nothing’s Ever Over’ embodies all of that – where we’ve been, where we are, where we’re hopefully headed.” The duo have toured extensively through out the U.S. including tours supporting Skylar Grey and OneRepublic.

Simons and Buncher have grown as musicians, human beings, partners and friends. They are at that point of being 100% confident in who they are as people and artists. They have a crystal clear vision of where they want to go and are excited to be releasing music that they feel completely encompasses who they are as people, artists and most importantly, Teammates.

Nothing’s Ever Over
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