Teammate Releases The “Into Motion” Remix by Sunset Neon

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Listen to “Into Motion” (remix by Sunset Neon):

“With a breakbeat that sounds directly lifted from Herbie Hancock’s “Rocket” and funky synth bass, the track is dripping with 80s panache, perfect for your dayglo party.”SURVIVING THE GOLDEN AGE

Los Angeles indie pop duo TeamMate’s track “Into Motion” gets given a hint of 80’s nostalgia with a remix by Neon Sunset. The track is available today exclusively on Spotify. The duo that make up TeamMate have a soft spot in their hearts for the decade of synths, shoulder pads and hairspray, having released covers of songs like Pat Benatar’s “We Belong” which has also become a staple of their live show were thrilled at Sunset Neon’s remix of the track. “The first time we heard this remix it made us so happy,” said Dani Buncher and Scott Simons. “It sounds like an 80’s dance party, which is all we ever want to hear honestly. Sunset Neon took our song to a whole other level we weren’t expecting and we love it.”

Sunset Neon is the new side project from Blue Stahli, best known for his song “Ultranumb” that surpassed 10 million streams on Spotify, and 13 million views on Youtube. His music can also be heard in commercials for Lexus and Victoria’s Secret; movie trailers for “Power Rangers”, “Iron Man 3″, “Underworld Awakening”; the film “Lights Out”; the television shows “Banshee”, “American Horror Story”, “Big Bang Theory,” and video games Call of Duty Black Ops 2 & 3.

“Into Motion” was released earlier this year on TeamMate’s self-titled full length debut release on Rostrum Records. The album is packed with nine arena ready songs that tell the story of the many phases of the duo’s relationship. The band, Simons (keys, synths, vocals) and Buncher (vocals, drums) were a couple for 10 years, but Buncher’s coming out, ended the years of calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. Instead of repelling like most couples do after a split, the two stuck it out to become bandmates and wrote an entire album about the experience. Pop Dust said that “They bask in the tumultuous ripples of life and face the world together, head-on, with tremendous fearlessness,” and Paste Magazine said “While one relationship is behind them, a new one has clearly developed into something wonderful: their new album…” Buncher was also asked to share their story through op-ed Advocate (HERE), where she eloquently articulated what can transpire from an undesirable situation when two people are motivated by love and respect.

Fresh off a packed show at the Mercury Lounge, the band’s New York debut, they will be playing their first Los Angeles headlining show of the year at Resident DTLA on Wednesday July 12th. See details HERE.

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