The Stone Foxes

The Stone Foxes

There’s a brotherhood within most bands, forged by hard work and hard roads that lead across America, and you can hear it within the guitar crunch of the Stone Foxes.

Brothers Shannon (drums, harmonica p, and vocals) and Spence Koehler (guitar and vocals), along with brothers in rock-and-roll Vince Dewald (bass, vocals), Ben Andrews (guitar, violin), Elliot Peltzman (keys, vocals), and Brian Bakalian (drums) bring their freewheeling, frenetic energy to the stage with plenty of tightly crafted hooks and dance worthy rhythms to spare. This is music to break loose to.

The Stone Foxes’ story begins with a band formed out of the sleepy foothills of Central California. Raised on a steady diet of classic legends like The Band, Bob Dylan, and Led Zeppelin, brothers Shannon and Spence, together with friends Elliot and Brian, decided to try their hand at playing their own form of rock and roll. The band began touring in 2009, and has been touring domestically and internationally ever since. In 2014, Vince and Ben, formerly of Buxter Hoot’n, were able to join the rest of the Foxes in San Francisco and to bring out the soulful folk heart beating underneath this relentlessly free-spirited rock band.

Performing live, the Stone Foxes mix heartfelt lyricism and tuneful melodies that get everyone moving. By the end of the show, the fans are often as sweaty as the band. It’s hard to say who has a better time–there’s as much dancing from the band on stage as there is in the audience. This is a band that plays with their whole hearts at every show. You can’t help but get caught up in the moment as Shannon leaps from his drum kit into your face, singing at the top of his lungs to make sure you feel what he feels. Spence and Ben riff off each other with dueling solos that build off each other’s energy, while Vince’s unwavering grooves keep it funky. Elliot and Brian, the heartbeat of the band, make sure you’ve always got something good to move to.

The Stone Foxes are here to rock. The only thing louder than their growling guitars are their voices, singing at the top of their lungs, pouring out every ounce of the feeling that goes into each one of their songs. They are fearless, frenzied bad asses who won’t stop until you’ve danced hard enough to leave your everyday cares in the dust.

Always known to dance and shake to the beat of their own drum, The Stone Foxes are taking a different approach to releasing their new music with Foxes First Friday. On the first Friday of every month through the end of 2014 the Stone Foxes will be releasing a new song for free. At the end of the year they will be compiling all the songs along with live versions, bonus tracks and photos from the road  into one big  amazing album compilation.  The first song Locomotion was released on Friday September 5th and subsequent releases will come on the first Friday of the next few months. The forth coming compilation is also now available for pre-order in multiple formats on the bands website.



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