Public Relations

We strategically target media outlets to help to build and develop your story. What makes us stand out from traditional PR firms is our deep knowledge of the digital space. We leverage your digital content for placements on the tastemaker outlets best suited for your brand to get your music, event, publication, company or brand in front of the eyeballs most likely to turn into customers and fans. We work with a wide variety of media outlets on promotions and contests and develop creative ways to help you rise above the noise.

Social Media Marketing and Optimization

With the plethora of social media options out there, we work with you to find the platforms that are best suited to shape your voice online. We leverage social platforms and social technologies to develop promotions that engage and build your fan base and followers. We optimize each platform to ensure that your imaging and branding are consistent across all channels.  We work with each client to teach you the best practices on various platforms and, most importantly, to help you use social media in a way that you enjoy!

Design and Branding

Your website is the first impression that you make on the world. Sideways Media works with you to develop your brand to ensure that your first impression is as amazing as you are.

Direct to Fan Sales and Marketing

What’s the best eCommerce platform for me? What’s the best email marketing solution, and furthermore, why is email important? We work with several different eCommerce and email marketing platforms to find the best solution for you that is easy to manage.

Marketing & Digital Strategy

Sideways Media is always forging new relationships with brands and partners. We strategically create, develop and implement promotions and partnerships  to maximize your visibility to targeted potential fans and customers. Advertising:  Where should I advertise to get the most bang for my buck? Sideways Media can navigate the ad space to structure the best online ad campaign to get your content, products or simply your pretty face in front of new and potential fans. Content: That’s a great buzz word, but what does it mean? We work with each client to develop content that will most effectively deliver their message across the online space.

What We Do