XMeKate Releases Cigarettes Music Video

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Los Angeles indie-pop singer XMeKate releases music video for “Cigarettes” produced by Andrés Rebellón
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“Katharine Kadenacy is the next pop chanteuse to watch” – Popular TV
Today, rising Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Katherine Kadenacy, who goes by XMeKate has released the visuals to her debut single ‘Cigarettes’ produced by Andrés Rebellón (bass for Marina & The Diamonds).

The concept of the video, which premiered on Impose Magazine, tells the story of Kate’s first heartbreak, and how the first girl she ever fell for ended up cheating on her with a boy. Kate takes the viewer through the thoughts and scenarios of how the cheating came to fruition. The video also mirrors the concept between her two upcoming EPs; love and loss. “Although the loss of that relationship was painful it was nothing like what I was about to experience with the loss of my mother, which is why you can see an older version of myself at the end of the song ‘the girl in the green jacket’ walking away from my younger self (me throughout the video). It serves as a sort of symbol to show that this song is on a timeline of events and that everything we overcome prepares us for future experiences,” Kate explains.

“Cigarettes”, the first single from her upcoming EP Expectation, is the first song that Kate and Andres worked together on. Comprised of a unique blend of electro pop, Indie and alternative genres, Kate’s heavy, haunting lyrics float seamlessly within the lightness of the melody. Together, the two crafted a track that is both universal and achingly personal.

“Kate’s powerful yet vulnerable vocals show a certain kind of strength and maturity that’s difficult to find in other artists.” – Impose Magazine

Kate’s tenacity came from hardship – and pain lead to power which infused itself into her music. Kate started performing as one half of an acoustic duo that started to get attention and draw crowds in clubs here in Los Angeles, where she currently lives. After losing her Mother to cancer Kate went through a physical and mental transformation – which lead to her being put on involuntary suicide watch. Kate’s life as she knew it was ending, and she was about embark on a new one – and this is when xMeKate was born.

Keep your eyes peeled for XMeKate, as she will be releasing a set of EP’s early next year that is entirely produced by her good friend and collaborator Andrés Rebellón. The projects explore a life in two parts: the first EP, Expectation (out February of 2017), centers on intimacy, love and heartbreak. The second EP, Too Much, is a triumphant expression of life after loss (out late Spring of 2017). Both bodies of work showcase her meticulously layered lyrical style, in which she mines artful prose directly from her real life – a life that’s had its fair share of heartbreak, loss and discovery.

Watch ‘Cigarettes’ Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iDgi35wcjI
Listen to ‘Cigarettes’: https://soundcloud.com/xmekate/cigarettes

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